Best IOS App Development Company in Kolkata

Apps Coder is widely celebrated as a leading IOS app development company in Kolkata, offering ingenious and ground breaking app development services that are revolutionizing the commercial landscapes. The iOS applications developed by Apps Coder are immensely scalable, sturdy and extremely utilitarian, empowering modern businesses for meeting optimal productivity standards. We have a perfect understanding of iOS mobile development processes that enables us to deliver a comprehensive range of iPhone/iPad friendly mobile solutions across various business verticals.

Professional Iphone App Developers in Kolkata

Apps Coder is the leading IOS app development company in Kolkata with a compelling workforce of xxx employees and x+ years of experience.

We strongly conjecture that all mobile apps should not only be unique but also guarantee an experience that every user admires.

One platform that has indubitably given an entirely novel idea to the definition of the word “technology” is iOS. The initiation of iOS has rendered an impeccable feature and functionality to all handheld devices. One of the most significant factors to be borne in mind while embarking upon the best iOS app development company in Kolkata is the team that will be responsible to propel your business to great heights of success and that’s exactly where we excel.

At Apps Coder, we have a proficient team of iOS app developers in Kolkata that ostentatiously display profound technical expertise and abundant industry experience in the mobile domain that assists in leveraging scalable deployment options and strong platform for creating customer centric iOS mobile applications. All our apps promise sound networking, on the go mobility and absolute collaboration.

We go in sagacity to discover your company goals and objectives, what you wish to achieve as well as what audience you are trying to reach. Once we convene a fair idea of all these metrics, we work towards turning your inventive ideas into a perfect reality. 

Our team of technical mavericks holds great expertise in planning, designing, creating, delivering, supervising and finally marketing high performance iPhone OS apps that are interactive, user friendly, innovative and worth of being in the iOS App Store top list. Our competent iOS mobile development solutions will assist your business in attaining great heights as we seldom compromise in delivering best in class products within the stipulated timeframe.

A mobile app with less user experience drives the users to instantly uninstall the application after the download. We use swift programming to create intuitive apps that stand out in the Apple store. Swift comes with fewer codes and more functions that help in delivering apps that are much safer, smoother and off course faster. As a matter of fact, when a user downloads a brand new iOS application, he expects that the app will make his life simpler and better organized. We focus on meeting the user expectations in as precise manner as we can. We make sure that all the app features are not included in the first version that makes it highly un-scalable.

Our Methodology


A brilliant concept defines a high selling app. Being the most significant part, we help you to build powerful concepts that will be the perfect fit for developing your iOS app.


After finalizing a concept, it’s time to lay your roadmap for success. We plan the way for executing the conceptual idea that focuses on maximization of output and minimization of input within an ideal timeframe.

Launch & Support

At Apps Coder, we observe an explicit release cycle plan for the deployment of our iOS applications. We introduce our end product to the clients with a profanity of absolute and endless support.

UI/UX Design

In this stage of app development for iOS, our IOS app developer in Kolkata create user centric innovative designs for app development, keeping in mind the prime interest of the targeted audiences.

IOS Application Testing

All our iOS apps are passed through a strict examining platform so as to make sure that the app is bug free and there are no layout glitches. This helps us in extending high grade deliverables to our clients.

Code Development

This is the most important step of the iOS mobile app development Our grail is to develop the strongest codes by writing them in XCODE IDE that incorporates a code editor and a GUI for developing an integrated code environment.

Apps Coder's Value Added Benefits

  • 100% secure, authentic, flexible and quality oriented working processes
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Integrated and convenient communication through Email, Smartphones and Skype
  • Total deployment of a result-driven strategy
  • 24/7 customer support service across all time zones
  • Total customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Keeping you in loop throughout the process of iOS app development

What do we have to Offer?

Competitive Pricing

Being the best iOS app development company in Kolkata, we proffer powerful iOS solutions at competitive prices. All our products are supported with high performance guarantee that promises highest ROI.

Proven Methodologies

Apps Coder is a competent iOS app developer that has immense expertise of working in distinct business environments that helps us to bring in proficient business practices and proven methodologies.

Competent iOS Developers

Our team of dynamic and adept experts arevery well versed with all the latest tools and technologies as well as industry standards and practices, seeking to deliver highly customer observant iOS solutions.

Round the Clock Technical Support

Our assistance channels are available 24/7 that helps you to instantly connect with our team of technical experts so as to solve the issue as and when it arises.

CMMI-3 Processes

iOS mobile app development processes at Apps Coder observes CMMI Level 3 norms and standards that ensures high grade execution of the complete project cycle.

So, do you want to create driving as well as entertaining iOS apps? Contact us now and get your exhilarating mobile application ready!!

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